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Last modified: March 27, 2018

These terms apply to the privacy of the website and associated services offered by Basilic Fly Studio Pvt Ltd ("us", "we", or "our"). This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the Site. We use your Personal Information only for providing and improving the Site. By using the Site, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

Information about users

Website's users are requested to furnish information that are part to their queries. This will help us to answerto such queries. While seeking responses for queries, website's users are required to send the information listed as under:

1. Name of user's company

2. Postal address, telephone number and email address

3. Designation of contact person and name

4. Objective of user to pose the query

If you are using this website for exploring HR openings, training or interning opportunities, you are requested to email your bio-data to Please send an introductory letter listing the post and also give reasons for why your profile lust be considered for the post. 

This website's users may use it without disclosing their personal identity. Information about users will be gathered if they submit such information. The right to refuse imparting information rests with users of this website.

Web browser cookies

This website employ "cookies" to further the browsing experiences of users. The browser of the user keeps cookies on the hard drive for reference purposes and such information may be used to track data. The users of this website may opt to switch off cookies. Users may also opt for caution to be sent to them wile cookies are used. user who opt to do the above may not have access to a few sections of this website or ma experience difficulties browsing this website

Collection of data that are not personal

The website may gather data that are not personal to the users wile they use it. For example, data such as name of user's browser, data on how the user is connected with this website, including the provider of internet services, etc

Other websites

This website may feature links to other sites, such links may be of our advertisers, sponsors, business partners, suppliers, and other third parties. We also does not sponsor or substantiate the services, products or credibility of third parties,. Hence users agree to use or not use such websites solely on their own discretion and risks. We assume no responsibility whatsoever in this regard.

We do not assume an responsibility, whatsoever for information hosted onto such websites, and is in no way connected with the policies of such websites.

Basilic Fly Studio Pvt Ltd is also not responsible for any repercussions whatsoever that may result owing to the accessing such websites. We are not certifying any data associated with itself shared on any medium whatsoever, including RSS feeds, instant messaging, aggregator platforms, social media, vehicles, printed media such as newspapers, newsletters, journals, magazines, etc. 

We cannot be held liable in any way for the accuracy and authenticity of such data. Basilic Fly Studio Pvt Ltd reserves to all information including listing of services, approaches, images, specifications and their status may be subject to continual stram of changes. Users acknowledge that all such information shared on this website need not reflect the actual and current status. Users may write to about his

Alteration of terms

Basilic Fly Studio Pvt Ltd, can revise these terms at its sole entire discretion. Users agree to review the terms for changes made time to time, and stay well aware of chagnes or edits made to the same

Usage of information gathered from users of this website
Basilic Fly sTudio Pvt Ltd may gather and put information of the users to 1. Enhance the browsing experience2. Reach out to people to respond to clarifications or requests - both for sharing of data and for promotions. 

Usage of information about users

Basilic Fly studio Pvt Ltd refrains from trading, selling or rending users' personal data to third parties. However some general data such as information of location, data that are not personal about users, etc with affiliates, advertisers, partners, for aforesaid purposes. But all information may have to be shared with governmental authorities or other statutory bodies, as and when needed. All harmful, illegal or abnormal usage of this website may be taken to the digital media enforcement agencies or pertinent bodies. In such instances, all needful data associated with the complaint will be shared to authorities concerned

Acknowledging and agreement of terms
Users hereby agree to both acknowledge and accept all the terms associated with this website. Usage of this website subsequent to changes made to these terms shall be construed as acknowledgment and agreement of the revised terms.