About Us

Basilic Fly Studio (BFS) was bootstrapped in 2011.

Its founding team is a boiling pot. It contains VFX artists, tech evangelists and producers. What’s common in them is a passion to create and support client needs well, on time. It is this common passion that leads to beautiful imageries; it makes clients see what they envisioned in their minds.

Before launching BFS, each founder worked for coveted brands i.e., studios. They were designing, delivering, working on shots, commercials and TV shows.The team’s eyes are rather small. But its dreams and vision remain big. And getting bigger day by day!.

The team started with focus on little things. But the dreams and vision remain big, only getting bigger day by day

  • BFS began its journey as a start-up venture. Its first office had a handful of people, working out of an 800 sq.ft workspace!
  • It is today a place teeming with artists, supervisors and producers!
  • By latest count, 250+ artists work out to BFS to exercise their passion and craft (some call it work!) and create spellbinding visuals. These visuals inspire the imagination of audiences all over the world. BFS’ office area now sprawls over 20,000 sft; this goes to prove the steady growth over a short span. BFS stands tall as an epic made of hard work coupled with passion to perform, and a relentless journey to outdo oneself.

The BFS Credo

Studios love BFS’ credo of putting its best foot forward, for every single shot entrusted to its teams. Top-notch studios viz., Sony Imageworks, Millennium Films, MGM and many more stand testimony to the BFS credo!

BFS finds fuel for its core founding values in imagination, creativity and fun


BFS works with customers from eastern to western hemispheres, from New Zealand to Canada.


BFS is growing fast in size and scale

Customers Repose

Its growth is in tandem with the trust its customers repose on its VFX works


The team here remains committed to the core founding values of-quality, timeliness by using the best of technologies and talent.


As creative and rewarding as VFX work is, this craft requires exceptional focus and stamina.  BFS promotes a work culture that always stands by its team and support BFSians’ quest to grow. This stand helps each member to continuously evolve as accomplished professionals. BFS’ office space respects the work-level needs of all its artists. BFS knows a friendly workspace is start of all things great and magical! The fun-at-work concept and off-site events further foster a family atmosphere with ample space for fun and recreation.