Our Credo

BFS does VFX work for major studios. Its work goes across all possible platforms and end-use. Platforms BFS works upon are
  • Films
  • Episodics (Net and TV) series
  • Commercials
Studios engage BFS for
  • Roto
  • Paint
  • Matchmove

BFS’ work hinges on outsourcing VFX works from studios and executing such works to clients’ satisfaction 

Lifeblood here runs deeper based on relationships with these studios. BFS leaves no stone unturned to make each of its relationships remain healthy, and above all- rewarding to studios it serves. 

It becomes an intricate activity when these essentials are added -

Timeliness of delivery

BFS knows each of its delivered are tracked for time. Work is structured to allow for shortest timeline for delivery. The teams are challenged to better their time estimates to satisfy clients. BFS stays aware of the mantra for success in VFX domain “Shrink timelines and thus delight clients.”

Infrastructure of work 

The place where work happens is an important cog in the VFX wheel! Employee comforts play a crucial role in quality and timeliness of work delivered. BFS’ workspaces are designed with employee-comforts as prime goals.Studios are concerned about their data and media while these are at BFS’ possession. How secured is the infrastructure– especially to transfer and receive IP – counts as a core differentiator! BFS has cleared the audit processes of many world class studios. Such audits are done as part of outsourcing protocols to ensure integrity and security.

It becomes an intricate activity when these essentials are added -

Quality of work delivered

Timelines do matter! But, quality of BFS’ work matters the most. Clients love it. They love to talk about it. When clients talk, the word-of-mouth is good. It is the stuff that sticks and spreads. In these rapidly changing times  “you are only as good as your last shot!”

Seamless communications with all clients

Clients love service providers who talk; especially those who talk proactively about WIP. BFS takes pride in working lockstep with each client. Every shot is discussed and cleared only after client says so. The nuances are discussed beforehand; as artists graduate to become as team-leads and supervisors they can foresee the nuances well in advance and give needful heads-up to clients as well as teams within.

Respect for confidentiality

BFS respects and abides by the NDAs signed with each of its clients. Right from client’s identity to the work itself stay well-guarded. NDAs are signed in different formats and with varying timelines of active protection period. BFS stays on top on each NDA’s terms and adheres to both spirit and clauses of agreements signed with clients.

BFS takes pride in its capabilities to respond to all clients within record time. Steps are on to shrink the response time through its workflow tool BFS Lite

Time to Respond

The maximum time to respond to a client’s concern / query is 30 minutes at BFS. That includes all of BFS’ clients regardless of their time zones i.e., right from New Zealand to Canada / western most tip of US. Kick-off calls are scheduled to discuss nuances of shots. These calls help streamline the project and minimise shot revisions.

BFS takes pride in its capabilities to respond to all clients within record time. Steps are on to shrink the response time through its workflow tool BFS Lite

Team management

BFS knows its people are making all these happen. So its heart resides where its people are!

For HR and administration at BFS, the evergreen areas for improvement are-
  • Attraction of creative talent
  • Proactive engagement of hired resources
  • Spreading joy at work
  • Upping the happiness quotient in BFS

Tight control on production

This is the intersection time for arts and trade; its key components are-
  • ETA-adherence
  • WIP control
  • Edits-management
  • Version-controls
  • Course corrections

Talent Management

BFS has consciously developed a people-empowering work culture. Its people are unleashed onto those areas which they call as their strengths. BFS is aware people have limitations. The choice is either belittle people for weaknesses or build on their strengths. BFS intentionally chooses the latter.

Its people take pride in being part of this phenomenon. Key benefits for talents working here are-
  • Chance to become ambidextrous; traverse the VFX curve based on where passion resides
  • Hone what one already knows; want to specialize- yes, this place offers deep domain exposures
  • Build a career in VFX; working here gives fillip to career graphs
  • No-bossing over; creative talent shrink when controlled. BFS knows it well. So, the outcome is BFS has turned into a company of friends and well-wishers helping each other by delivering the best to clients. Period!